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Ten short stories to study, or review aspects about the Solar System.

I would classify the stories as Science Fiction, where the astronomical settings is at least 90% real and correct.
The stories are published in Spanish (Costa Rica).

Did you know that Microsoft Word can translate them very successfully into many languages?

On Earth:
- Chasing the Sun. Part One (The Plan).

Chasing the Sun. Part Two (The Flight).

On a co-orbital satellite of the Earth:
- Scared to death in Cruithne.

On the Moon:
-Telescope on Mare Orientale.
https://astrovilla2000.blogspot.com/2021/12/ telescope-en-mare-orientale-cuento.html

-Eternal light and darkness.
https://astrovilla2000.blogspot.com/2021/06/ light-and-darkness-eternal-remastered-2021.html

On Mercury:
Go-karts on the Panheon Fossae.
https://astrovilla2000.blogspot.com/2021/08/ go-karts-en-las-fosas-del-panteon.html

On Venus:

- In the shadow of Venus.
https://astrovilla2000.blogspot.com/2021/08/ a-la-sombra-de-venus-cuento.html

On Mars:
The labyrinth of the night.
https://astrovilla2000.blogspot.com/2021/10/ the-labyrinth-of-the-night.html

On the dwarf planet Ceres
-The demons of Occator.
https://astrovilla2000.blogspot.com/2022/05/ the-demons-of-occator-story.html

On the dwarf planet Pluto:
- From Pluto to Charon in six hours.

On Jupiter.
- My trip to Europa (Jupiter's). -writing- ¡need help!
In Costa Rica.
- Tardigrades on Chirripó Mountain. -writing- ¡need help!

All of the stories were published by the editorial EDiNexo.
They are co-authored with Marie Lissette Alvarado.
The theme of her stories is different, very pleasant.
They are historical themes, urban and rural folklore, fantasy, etc.
Among them:

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